The Audiobook Speakeasy Podcast

Episode 89: Will Damron and Reba Buhr

December 12, 2021

My guests tonight are narrators and co-founders of the Narrator Alliance, Will Damron and Reba Buhr!

Will shares his background in acting and audiobook narration, and then Reba and I spend a bit too much time talking about our alma mater, Occidental College, before she explains her introduction into the audiobook world. Then they describe the events that led up to the creation of the Narrator Alliance, and the purpose and structure of the meetings. All this over a Vieux Carré, a Kentucky Corpse Reviver, and some sparkling Gatorade!

You can find the Narrator Alliance at, Will Damron at @jwdamron, and Reba Buhr at @rebubuhr on Twitter and @reba.buhr on Instagram.

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